Candy and Confectionary

Bartelt Packaging specializes in pouching, cartoning, and overwrapping systems for the confectionary and candy industry. To ensure safety and sanitation standards are met, Our machines are designed to operate in clean and sterile environments.

From pouches to cartons and wrapped cartons, Bartelt offers diverse equipment to meet unique candy and confectionary requirements. Ideal machines for candy include the MAG Series FFS, the IMC (intermittent motion cartoner) and CMC (continuous motion cartoner), and the Scandia 350 overwrapper.

The MAG Series can create large, high quality pouches at high speeds. This machinery can package a wide range of formats on the same system. Features on the MAG Series include quick changeover, an independent seal drive system, and the magnetic linear motion-controlled pouch clamp system. These features ensure rapid changeover between formats and superior repeatability.

A horizontal form fill seal machine, the MAG Series integrates magnetic linear technology for maximum quality and efficiency. This system is flexible, reliable, and innovative. Using a touch screen, pouch formats can be quickly changed, ensuring rapid and simple conversion between simplex and duplex operation.

In addition to pouching systems, Bartelt offers cartoning machines that are perfect for confectionery packaging. The IMC (intermittent motion cartoner) and CMC (continuous motion cartoner) are ideal for candy and confectionary foods for a wide range of speeds, sizes, and configurations. Features on these cartoners include flexibility, precise control, and speeds up to 400 cycles per minute.

Overwrapping is also popular among confectionary and candy packagers. The Scandia 350 is an overwrapper bundler designed to create an aesthetically appealing overwrap for cartoned candy products. This system can be used as an intermittent or continuous motion operation. Features on the Scandia 350 include a compact footprint, a modular design, and speeds up to 35 cycles per minute.

Offering a wide range of solutions for packaging confectionary and candy products, Bartelt machinery is high quality, efficient, and precise in each application.