Snack Foods

Providing high quality solutions for pouching, cartoning, case and tray packing, and shrink wrapping systems for a wide range of industries, Bartelt machinery is efficient and reliable. Each of these machines is designed with durability, high performance, and repeatability in mind.

The snack food industry requires sanitary standards throughout packaging. Bartelt Packaging systems adhere to these standards to ensure a safe, quality packaging process. Ideal machines for snacks include the MAG Series, the K-Series, and the RPM.

Features on Bartelt equipment include capabilities to package large, stand-up pouches at high speeds. Bartelt works with a wide range of product applications, including product that generates excessive dust. Our machinery has dust control systems to keep product from getting where it shouldn’t be, like in other sections of the machine or in the top seal.

To pack snack pouches, the MAG Series is ideal. This horizontal form fill seal machine features magnetic linear motion technology, which allows for ultimate flexibility and control during the packaging process. Independently controlled double pouch clamps are used to change pouch formats quickly, reduce changeover times, and ensure maximum efficiency.

The K-Series pouching machines are horizontal form fill seal machines featuring precision in each application. Maximum flexibility is achieved with pre-programmed recipe settings, allowing repeatable and reliable product and size changeover. Used for snacks with heavier weight pouches, the servo driven K-Series is reliable and efficient.

For snack pouches requiring a rotary turret horizontal form fill seal system, the RPM is ideal. Available in either simplex or duplex, this pouching machine is designed for snack foods with heavier fill weights and larger pouch sizes. This intermittent motion machine is flexible for a wide range of pouch styles and sizes.

Sunny Sky Products partnered with FLtècnics to produce a stand-up pouch that doesn’t require any special equipment or mixing, resulting in less mess. This allows kids to grab, tear open, and squeeze a ready-to-drink slushie.

To package these trending on-the-go and portable snacks, Bartelt offers the FL 2.2, 2.6, and 3.3. Versatile and innovative, these packers increase productivity and reduce the time required for a format change. The versatility of this series makes it possible to pack a variety of products in all kinds of presentations, ranging from spouts, drinking straws, shaped pouches, special applications, etc.

Pouching machines from Bartelt allow products of varying sizes and weights to be packaged quickly and safely. These high-performance snack pouchers are reliable, ensuring a quality seal in each application.