Bartelt K-TRAK Fill-Seal

The Bartelt® K-TRAK FS is a state-of-the-art horizontal fill-seal (FS) machine that integrates the latest magnetic linear technology. The K-TRAK is synonymous with flexibility, reliability and rapid changeover times.

Maximum flexibility is provided by independently controlled double pouch clamps utilizing magnetic linear motion control.

The K-TRAK Fill-Seal Pouching machine is designed for both simplex and duplex configurations.

Maximum speed is 100 ppm for 320mm wide pouches in duplex configuration.

The Bartelt K-TRAK Fill-Seal pouch packaging machine is ideal for:

- Snack products: Nuts, trail mixes candies

- Cheese and other dairy products

- Frozen foods

- Dried meats and fruits, beef jerky, sausages

- Dry and wet pet food

- Liquids

- Granular products: Rice, beans, soup and meal mixes

- Free flowing powders: Coffee, spices, powdered drink mixes, sugar-based mixes, flour based mixes, pharma powders, nutraceuticals

- Home and personal care products: Lotions, gels, detergent pods, adhesives