Bartelt Packaging: Now a Part of the ProMach Family

ProMach Acquires Assets of Bartelt, Scandia, and Kayat from KHS USA

January 22, 2021 - ProMach, a worldwide leader in packaging machinery solutions, announced today that it has acquired the assets of KHS Bartelt, a leading provider of pouch packaging systems for the food, home and personal care, pharmaceutical, chemical, and electronics industries. The addition of Sarasota, Florida-based Bartelt expands ProMach’s business with an additional North American base for flexible packaging solutions and further strengthens ProMach’s portfolio of pouch packaging solutions. Additionally, the acquisition includes the assets of KHS Kayat and KHS Scandia, expanding ProMach’s offerings with cartoning, shrink wrapping, shrink bundling, case packing, and tray packing systems.

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  • Cartoners
  • Cartoners
  • Overwrappers
  • Shrink Wrappers
  • Case & Tray Packers
  • Tray Stackers


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Bartelt Parts & Service

Parts & Service for Bartelt Pouch Machines

+1 (941) 359-4000

Bartelt IM-6 Pouch Machine

Bartelt IM-7 Pouch Machine

Bartelt IM-8 Pouch Machine

Bartelt IM-9 Pouch Machine

Bartelt IMF Pouch Machine

Bartelt K-200 Pouch Machine

Bartelt K-260 Pouch Machine

Bartelt K-400 Pouch Machine

Bartelt RPM-950 Pouch Machine

Bartelt RPM-1500 Pouch Machine

Bartelt K-TRAK Pouch Machine

Parts & Service for Bartelt Cartoners
+1 (941) 359-4000

Bartelt CMC Cartoner

Bartelt IMC Cartoner


Scandia Parts & Service

Parts & Service for Scandia Cartoners

+1 (941) 359-4000

Scandia 420 Cartoner

Scandia 460 Cartoner

Scandia 465 Cartoner

Scandia 470 Cartoner

Scandia HAB Cartoner

Scandia HLG Cartoner

Scandia HLH Cartoner

Scandia VCC Cartoner

Parts & Service for Scandia Overwrappers
+1 (941) 359-4000

Scandia 350 Overwrapper

Scandia 626 Overwrapper

Scandia 720 Overwrapper


Kayat Parts & Service

Parts & Service for Kayat Shrink Wrappers

+1 (941) 359-4000

Kayat SP-35 Shrink Wrapper

Kayat SW-35 Shrink Wrapper

Kayat SW-200 Shrink Wrapper

Kayat 601-P Shrink Wrapper

Kayat 601-T Shrink Wrapper

Kayat 801-P Shrink Wrapper

Kayat 801-T Shrink Wrapper

Kayat 802-TGS Shrink Wrapper

Parts & Service for Kayat Case & Tray Packers
+1 (941) 359-4000

Kayat TP-50A Tray Packer

Kayat TP-60 Tray Packer

Kayat TP-70 Tray Packer

Kayat TP-80 Tray Packer

Kayat PTF-28 Case Packer

Kayat PTF-30 Case Packer

Kayat WP-30 Case Packer

Parts & Service for Kayat Tray Stackers
+1 (941) 359-4000

Kayat MTS-1000S Tray Stacker

Kayat PTS-1000 Tray Stacker

Kayat TS-200 Tray Stacker

Kayat TS-1000 Tray Stacker


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