Bartelt HFFS Pouching Machines

From creating the world's first horizontal form-fill-seal pouching machine, to the most versatile pouchers today, Bartelt continues to lead the charge in innovation. Bartelt offers a wide range of pouching machines to provide solutions for the simplest to the most advanced applications in the market. These systems are designed for versatile, precise, and durable filling. Features on the pouch machinery includes efficiency, a heavy duty construction, and flexibility to accommodate diverse pouch sizes and styles.

Bartelt pouching machines include the:

  • MAG Series Poucher
  • K-Series Poucher
  • IM Series Poucher
  • RPM Series Poucher

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The Bartelt® MAG Series Poucher is a state-of-the-art horizontal form-fill- seal (HFFS) or fill-seal (FS) machine that integrates the latest magnetic linear technology. It stands out for its flexibility, reliability and rapid changeover times. Maximum flexibility is provided by independently controlled double pouch clamps utilizing magnetic linear motion control. With just the press of a button on the touch screen, pouch formats can be quickly and repeatable changed. The often time-consuming conversion between simplex (one pouch per machine cycle) and duplex operation (two pouches per machine cycle) has been simplified by automation.

The Bartelt® K-Series is a servo driven horizontal form, fill and seal pouching machine. This model provides high precision, maximum flexibility, convenience, while the pre-programmed recipe settings provide repeatable and reliable product and size changeover. The dual bag clamp design of the K-200 and K-260 models provide an excellent choice for producing heavier weight pouches.

Since its market launch in 1949, the original Bartelt® IM poucher has become the world’s most widely used horizontal form-fill-seal-poucher; and for good reason. This intermittently driven pouching machine has a simple but versatile design, coupled with high precision and construction from heavy duty materials, making it a very sturdy and efficient choice for producers. A single leading-edge bag clamp design maximizes pouch opening for filling. This machine also stands out for versatility in terms of pouch size and styles. It is used in the food and non-food sectors.

With its double pouch clamps, the Bartelt® RPM rotary turret horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) pouching machine has been specifically designed to run heavier fill weights and larger pouch sizes. This intermittent motion machine has two different performance configurations – the RPM 950 and the RPM 1500 – both of which have double pouch clamps. These hold the pouches firmly in place throughout the eight-station servo driven rotary turret and allow the production of heavy fill weights in large pouches. It is suitable for a wide range of pouch styles and sizes.