Intermittent Motion End-Load Cartoners

The intermittent motion end-load cartoners are automatic cartoning machines. These cartoners are ideal for food, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, and many other products. Versatile to meet the growing demands of markets, the cartoners available through Bartelt are flexible, efficient, and effective. Both machines are highly flexible and interface easily with Bartelt's overwrapping, case packing, and other machines.

Intermittent motion end-load cartoning solutions from Bartelt include the:

  • Bartelt IMC intermittent motion cartoner
  • Scanida Model 460 intermittent motion cartoner

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This servo driven horizontal, intermittent motion cartoning solution is ideal for cartoning food and consumer goods, as well as pharmaceuticals, tobacco and many other products. Design specifications include a multi-head rotary carton feeder, servo-driven product inserter and servo rotary flap tuckers, providing excellent control at rates up to 60 cycles per minute.

The Scandia Model 460 is an intermittent motion automatic cartoning machine that is designed to accommodate your various production needs. The modular design of machine infeeds allow interfacing with our overwrapping, case packing machines and other equipment.