Bartelt VP-1 Variety Pack Cartoner NEW

The Bartelt® VP-1 Cartoner is an intermittent motion, servo-driven horizontal end-load cartoning solution. Operation is on-demand, and all major functions are servo-driven and independently optimized via the operator interface. This machine is ideal for those who are looking to carton variety packs of different snacks!

Depending on product and configurations the VP-1 can achieve speeds up to 40 cartons per minute. Design specifications include a multi head rotary carton feeder, servo driven product insertion, and servo rotary flap tuckers. The VP-1 is highly flexible, running a wide range of variety pack products and carton sizes. The open frame design allows for ease of cleaning and product visibility. Servo technology means that changing over from one product to another can be performed quickly and easily. A variety of infeed options are available from ergonomic semi-automatic load stations to robotic integration.

These features make the VP-1 a highly flexible and reliable machine - backed by its ease of use and low maintenance which maximize uptime. Producers can integrate this machine upstream or downstream into an automated packaging system with machines from other manufacturers, as well as into pouching solutions from Bartelt to create a turnkey solution from a single source.

  • Modular stainless steel open frame design
  • Carton magazine to supply rotary feeder
  • Servo-driven, two-head rotary carton set up
  • Servo-driven product inserter
  • Product/carton tooling
  • No product/no carton, no carton/no load
  • Carton end flap detection for both minor and major
  • Air operated top rail
  • Servo rotary flap tuckers
  • Pneumatic Compression closure
  • Carton discharge
  • Low profile guarding system with safety interlocks doors
  • Rockwell motion control package
  • Rockwell color touch screen operating panel
  • No product/no carton, no carton/no load feature
  • Full servo execution
  • Up to 8 operator load stations with individual safety lines
  • Tamper lowers to pre-condition product before it's loaded in the carton
  • Retainer lowers to keep product in the carton as it starts to index
  • Pressure control magazine automatically advances carton blanks
  • Runs a variety of carton sizes and styles
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic product feed solutions
  • Carton coding - inkjet, laser, thermal transfer
  • Open flap detect
  • Literature feeder integration
  • Checkweigher integration
  • Labeler integration
  • Discharge conveyor