Did you know that Bartelt Packaging builds machines that can run green films?

Welcome to Bartelt, where sustainability and innovation intersect to create a greener future. As consumer awareness and concern for the environment continue to grow, we understand the need for sustainable packaging solutions that meet both performance and eco-friendly criteria.

We believe that collaboration is key to overcoming challenges and pushing the boundaries of sustainable packaging. That's why we have established partnerships with film suppliers, zipper suppliers, and various consumer industries. Together, we tackle critical aspects such as shelf life, package stability, package opening and filling, machine speed, and temperature sealing optimization. By working hand in hand, we ensure that our packaging solutions meet the highest standards of sustainability while addressing the unique needs of our clients and their products.

Thinking of Switching from Rigid to Flexible? Here are Some Advantages to Switch Over!

  1. Larger Surface Area for Advertising: This application is not only a packaging style, but is the perfect
    marketing tool. Having a larger surface area allows companies to freely advertise their products, compelling customers to purchase their products.
  2. Easy to Store and Transport: Pouches are universally light weight. Making them the perfect application to easily store and transport for both consumers and vendors.
  3. Sustainability: Not only is less plastic used when creating pouches but they may be completely reusable and recycled. If your company has sustainable initiatives, we can help you reach those goals.
  4. Easy to Use: Flexible packaging is usually lightweight and uses less materials making it easier to open. Often times, these packages has easy to open capabilities such as spout and zipper options.
  5. Low Production Cost: Both pouches and bottles are made of plastic, however the small amount of plastic that is put into pouches is less than plastic bottles. Reducing the expenses on raw materials.

Our Sustainability Initiatives:

At Bartelt, we are committed to driving sustainable change through the following initiatives:

  • Running Recyclable Ready Film:
    • We have invested in state-of-the-art technology that allows us to run any recyclable ready film. This empowers our clients to choose environmentally friendly packaging options without compromising on performance or quality.
  • Test Lab for Sustainable Solutions:
    • Our dedicated test lab is equipped to analyze and evaluate various films for sustainability. We collaborate with our clients to develop tailored, eco-friendly packaging solutions that align with their specific needs and goals.
  • Compact Footprint Machines:
    • Our cutting-edge machinery is designed to minimize space requirements, reduce energy consumption, and optimize production efficiency. With a compact footprint, our machines deliver sustainability without compromising on productivity.
  • Quick Changeover Capabilities:
    • Our machines are engineered for rapid changeovers between different packaging formats. This agility allows for seamless transitions, reduced downtime, and minimized material waste, contributing to a more sustainable operation.

Benefits of Our Initiatives:

By partnering with Bartelt and embracing our sustainability initiatives, you can experience a range of benefits:

  • Environmental Stewardship: Together, we can significantly reduce carbon footprint, waste generation, and reliance on non-renewable resources, leaving a positive environmental legacy.
  • Cost Savings and Efficiency: Our sustainable solutions drive cost savings through improved operational efficiency, reduced material usage, and optimized production processes.
  • Brand Reputation: Demonstrating your commitment to sustainability enhances your brand reputation and resonates with environmentally conscious consumers, fostering trust and loyalty.

Why Choose Bartelt:

When you choose Bartelt, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to sustainable packaging solutions. We bring expertise, innovation, and a shared vision for a greener future. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and sustainability sets us apart in the industry.

Take the first step toward a sustainable future with us. Contact us today to explore how our expertise and sustainable initiatives can transform your packaging needs.

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Watch the FL 1.7 form, fill, and seal stand up pouches with a corner spout.

Watch the K-260 Forms, Fill and Seals Recyclable Film