Rollstock Upgrades & Options

FLtècnics manufactures state-of-the-art horizontal form fill and seal (HFFS) packaging machinery. The company’s main line of business is the design of cutting-edge machines, optimized in order to achieve the highest efficiency levels in production. FLtècnics keeps offering upgrades and new innovations for components and equipment that are related to HFFS machines. Designed to reduce pouch waste by 98%, these machines are capable of splicing, achieving a full shape, and are ideal for products affected by contamination at the processing area.

FLtècnics HFFS machines include:

  • FL AutoSplice
  • Stroke on Demand
  • FL UltraClean
  • Full Shape Sealing

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FL AutoSplice is designed to automatically splice film, making it possible to join film reels, maintaining distance between registration marks, and reduce downtimes due to these reel replacements.

Stroke on Demand is designed to automatically stop a machine if product is not available. The controller then starts back up automatically when product has entered the filler.

FL UltraClean is designed to filter air impulsion to meet the requirements of specific industries, like food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The Full Shape Sealing system is designed to achieve a full shape for pouches with top spout and pouches with corner spout. This machinery reinforces the joints where the vertical sealings and the bottom sealing meet.