Technology: FL UltraClean

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The production processes that take place in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries usually require working areas totally clean and free of particles that may affect the products that are being manufactured. FL UltraClean is the ultrafiltered air impulsion module that satisfies the needs of the aforementioned industries, by achieving packaging processes, as well as working spaces, completely clean and particle-free by means of a laminar air flow sweeping that contains no microorganisms.

Formed by a stainless steel main frame, an air-impulsing group and two different types of air-filtering units, FL UltraClean is a totally-automatic module that features some important characteristics that are completely integrated in the machine’s automatization, such as: control by the main machine’s PLC, complete adjustment of the airflow speed, equalization of the fan units’ operation, alarm for clogging at the filtering units, screen to visualize all the processes’ parameters, interior lighting by light-emitting diodes (LED), etc. These devices make possible for FL UltraClean to reach a 99.995% efficiency on achieving a packaging process that is totally free of particles and pathogens.

Products packed by machines with FL UltraClean include yogurt, baby food, fruit sauces and preserves, mayonnaise and juice to name a few. The technology is ideal for any liquid, paste-like and powdered products since they usually are the most easily affected by contamination at the processing area.

Especially designed and developed by FLtècnics, FL UltraClean is a module totally integrated in the machine since, far from being a separate, external unit, it is an essential part in the design of the main machine and, thus, operates in full synchronism with it.

Laminar flow impulsion

Ultraclean systems are based on laminar flow impulsion (a sort of “curtain” of ultrafiltered air that allows achieving cleanroom conditions at the processing area, a particle-free environment with no microorganisms that may contaminate the product while processed).

  • FLtecnics Design: The laminar flow impulsion is developed and directly integrated to FLtecnics machines. This way we get a much better integration on the overall machine and optimum performance and efficiency since we have total control over the process by means of the very same machine PLC. FLtecnics has real-time data of how things are working at each instant: the filtering units’ clogging state, the airflow speed and its pressure among other things. The fan units’ speed can be automatically adjusted to achieve the process values set on touch panel as needed.
  • "Other Company's" Designs: Other company offer an Ultraclean system, but they get it from an external provider that adapts the system to their machines. There are two different PLC’s, one for their laminar flow unit and another for their machine, and they do not share information so their level of control is much lower.