Technology: FL AutoSplice

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On rollstock pouch packaging machines, both horizontal (HFFS) and vertical (VFFS), the reel replacement procedure causes production downtimes that make the machine less productive so it becomes an issue that, if possible, should be prevented. FL AutoSplice is the film reel automatic splicing system, specially designed and developed by FLtècnics, that makes possible to join film reels, maintaining distance between registration marks and without halting the machine operation, thus reducing all downtimes that are due to these reel replacements and optimizing the process productivity.

This unique solution features a modular design, based on ergonomics and robustness, that provides great accessibility and reliability during its operation and makes it a very easy to install unit that is totally independent of the main machine to which it supplies film. Its driving mechanisms along with its cutting-edge control parts result in the most advanced splicing system on the market.