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Bartelt Packaging provides best-in-class solutions for pouching, cartoning, shrink wrapping, and case/tray packing. Under the Bartelt Packaging umbrella, Bartelt, Kayat and Scandia product lines provide complementary packaging solutions for diverse industries. These include food and confectionery, beverage, home and personal care, pharmaceutical, chemical, and tobacco markets. Walk down any aisle in a grocery store to see the wide variety of packages produced on our equipment.

Bartelt is a pioneer in the horizontal/form/fill industry, having developed numerous designs and patents from the very machine in the 1940’s to the latest magnetic linear motion control pouching systems. Scandia has even a longer history, dating back over 100 years.

Bartelt, Scandia and Kayat are synonymous with quality, reliability and longevity. Decades-old machines are still in daily operation, supported through our Parts, Conversions and Service Departments. Because of our tremendous pride in what we do and our commitment to customers, machines are designed, built, installed and supported to meet each customer’s unique needs.

As a ProMach brand, Bartelt Packaging is able to provide you with the solutions you need.. from the beginning of the production line to the end…and in diverse markets around the world.

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