Automatic & Manual Loading Cartoners

Bartelt and Scandia cartoners are designed for maximum flexibility to accommodate a wide range of products, including tobacco products, cosmetics, playing cards, pens, and more. These systems feature versatility, durability, and precision in each application. Some of the features on these machines include a heavy duty construction, intermittent motion, overwrapping innovations, horizontal and inclined loading, and increased productivity. Choose from the automatic, semi-automatic, and manual loading systems.

Industry products ideal for Bartelt and Scandia cartoners include:

  • Baked goods
  • Confectionery
  • Frozen foods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer goods

For any inquiries and to learn more about the cartoners available, contact Bartelt today.

The Bartelt CMC and Scandia 465 are heavy-duty, versatile, continuous motion end-load cartoning solutions.

The Bartelt IMC and Scandia 460 offer intermittent motion, automatic cartoning ideal for food, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, and many other products. Both machines are highly flexible and interface easily with Bartelt's overwrapping, case packing, and other machines.

The Scandia H Series cartoners are mechanically driven, semi-automatic hand-load machines that provide horizontal and inclined load areas. Simplicity of operation and its manual product loading feature make it a reliable choice. The modular design permits upgrades to multiple load stations for increased productivity. Both are ideal solutions for cartoning of your medical devices, office products, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, pre-packed food and consumer goods.