Scandia Hand Load Cartoning Solutions

The Scandia H Series cartoners are mechanically driven, semi-automatic hand-load machines that provide horizontal and inclined load areas. Simplicity of operation and its manual product loading feature make it a reliable choice. The modular design permits upgrades to multiple load stations for increased productivity.

Both of the Scandia H Series hand load cartoners are ideal solutions for cartoning of your:

  • Medical devices
  • Office products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive parts
  • Pre-packed food
  • Consumer goods

Talk to a Bartelt representative to learn more about these hand load cartoning solutions, via our contact tab or by calling us today.

The Scandia HAB – VCC is specifically designed for automatic-bottom carton applications. The HAB – VCC is a great option where vertical packing of fragile or irregular product is preferred. This model is easily integrated with various automatic loading options including robots and filling machines . The HAB carton erector is frequently used with our VCC vertical carton closer but either can be alternatively configured as stand-alone machines.

The Scandia HLG is a mechanically driven cartoner. Simplicity of operation and its manual product loading feature makes it a reliable choice for many companies. The modular design allows the HLG to be built with extended load stations to accommodate up to five operators or product feeders for increased productivity.