Scandia 720 Series - Turret Overwrapper

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The Scandia 720 Series Turret Overwrapper offers smooth and precise operation at high speeds. This series is available in continuous rotary motion to accommodate your production demands.

The vertical continuous film feed with rotary cut-off ensures positive film positioning for superior overwrap quality.

Depending on package size or configuration, this model achieves speeds up to 350 cycles per minute.

• Heavy duty tubular steel frame

• Vertical continuous film feed with rotary cutoff

• Automatic film cut-out control

• Retractable heat sealers

• All ball-bearing construction for smooth, quiet running with minimum maintenance

• Electronically interlocked guards for operator safety

• Allen-Bradley Compact Logix PLC

• The product is presented to the machine by an automatic infeed device

• A continuous motion feed chain carries the product through vertically fed film

• The film is cut to the correct length by a rotary knife against a stationary knife

• The product is then carried into the turret pocket where the leading sides are tucked. In this stage the trailing film is also lapped and sealed around the product

• After the turret rotates 180°, the product discharges into stationary side folders which completes an envelope fold

• The product proceeds into the side heat sealers completing the wrap

• After sealing the over-wrapped product is carried out of the machine

• Continuous progressive rotary motion design

• Completed overwrap cycle per package presented to the machine

• In-line vertical film feeding with rotary cutoff

• Customized machines for larger package size ranges

• Tear strip applicator for all tape types

• Automatic in-feeds

• Automatic collators

• Code markers

• Printed film registration

• Household Product Cartons

• Food Cartons

• Tobacco products

• Cigar and cigarette packs

• Pharmaceutical cartons

• Low profile rectangular products

Turret Overwrapper Size Range