MAG Series FFS Horizontal Form Fill and Seal

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The MAG Series FFS is a state-of-the-art horizontal form-fill-seal pouching machine that integrates the latest magnetic linear technology. It stands out for its flexibility, reliability and rapid changeover times.

Maximum flexibility is provided by independently controlled double pouch clamps utilizing magnetic linear motion control.

This model is designed for both simplex and duplex configurations.

Our MAG-Series FFS is capable of running up to 180 ppm.

  • Stainless steel open frame design
  • Modular design
  • Servo controlled film unwind system
  • Film forming plow – servo controlled for recipe driven height adjustment
  • Automatic film edge alignment system
  • Servo controlled sealing system for reliable pouch sealing
  • Servo controlled feed-roll system
  • Independently controlled double pouch clamps utilizing magnetic linear motion control
  • Product fill stations, servo controlled pouch opening and closing system
  • “No open pouch – no fill” feature
  • Servo driven top seal assembly
  • Servo driven pouch discharge
  • Fixed product feed and product discharge locations—all other operational locations are adjustable
  • Rockwell Motion Control package
  • Rockwell color touch screen operating panel
  • Interlocking barrier guarding
  • The Bartelt® MAG Series FFS produces flexible pouches from roll stock
  • Optional integrated auto-splicer
  • Pouches are heat sealed using temperature controlled seal bars
  • Optional automatically adjustable side seal bars for quick size changeover
  • Registered pouches are cut and transferred into the dual clamping system for filling and closing via the knife/transfer system.
  • Each pouch will remain with the pouch clamps throughout the entire process
  • A pouch detection system is used to ensure that pouches are in position for filling to minimize product loss
  • Pouches are opened utilizing the programmable pouch clamps and vacuum with air assist
  • Product is fed via a product filling system
  • Filled pouches are transferred to the top seal area where they are closed and sealed
  • The completed pouch is removed from the clamps and discharged to a discharge system
  • Modular design and multiple machine configurations, optimized for the application
  • Full servo execution
  • Independently controlled pouch clamps utilizing magnetic linear motion control
  • Rapid changeover
  • Simplex or duplex configurations
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Flexibility to add multiple fill stations, fillers and other devices
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Superior seal quality and pouch handling
  • Right-hand or left-hand configurations
  • IP69 for various food applications
  • Hybrid execution with modular docking pre-made pouch feeding module
  • Zipper opening
  • Product settling devices
  • Dust control and top seal cleaning
  • Gas flushing
  • Pouch stretching and deflating
  • Ultrasonic sealing
  • Bag clamp maintenance loop
  • Integration of auxiliary equipment: Desiccant feeders, printer, vision system, labelers
  • Integration of various product fillers: Volumetric cup filler; volumetric sliding gate filler, auger, vibratory rotary filler, scale, liquid pump, specialized feeding systems