Fruits and Vegetables

Bartelt provides a variety of equipment suited to package both dried or canned fruits and vegetables, as well as baby foods. For dried fruits, pouch packaging is ideal in order to maintain product shelf life. Pouches also offer optional reclosable zippers for keeping product fresh over multiple uses. With both rollstock and pre-made pouch options, FLtècnics pouchers with spouts can be used for pureed baby foods. The Kayat TP-50A Tray Packer is ideal for tray and case packing canned foods such as fruits and vegetables. Cartoners are ideal for packaging multiple pouches together and overwrappers are great solutions for dried boxed items like snack portions of raisins.

The MAG, K-Series, and RPM series offer customers a wide range of horizontal form fill seal pouching solutions for dried fruits and vegetables and are capable of filling and sealing product on one machine. Maximum flexibility is achieved with pre-programmed recipe settings, allowing repeatable and reliable product and size changeover.

The MAG Series can create large, high quality pouches at high speeds. This machinery can package a wide range of formats on the same system. Features on the MAG Series include quick changeover, an independent seal drive system, and the magnetic linear motion-controlled pouch clamp system. These features ensure rapid changeover between formats and superior repeatability.

One of the unique capabilities of the Bartelt MAG Series is the bag maintenance loop, which allows for pouch clamps to be cleaned and maintained while the machine continues operating. This is ideal for product with sticky or sugary textures which may build up over time. This feature combined with the MAG Series FFS' IP69 option in the filling area allows for maximum efficiency and clean operation.

The K-Series pouching machines feature precision in each application and offer speeds up to 100 cycles per minute.

For pouches requiring a rotary turret horizontal form fill seal system, the RPM is ideal. Available in either simplex or duplex, this pouching machine is designed for fruits and vegetables with heavier fill weights and larger pouch sizes. This intermittent motion machine is flexible for a wide range of pouch styles and sizes.

To package on-the-go baby food in pouches, FLtècnics pouchers are ideal. Versatile and innovative, these packers increase productivity and reduce the time required for a format change. The versatility of this series makes it possible to pack a variety of products in all kinds of presentations, ranging from spouts, drinking straws, shaped pouches, can foods, special applications, etc.

The Kayat TP-50 Tray & Case Packer is a single-lane continuous motion packaging machine and can pack up to 50 trays/minute. It is designed to handle a wide range of products and tray sizes. It is especially modified to handle pre-packed container groups, as well as loose containers. The TP-50 has a heavy-duty rugged construction that ensures gentle handling of pre-packed containers of loose bottles, jars or cans of fruits and vegetables into trays.

The Bartelt IMC Cartoner is perfect for packaging multipacks of pouches into cartons.

Scandia Overwrappers are ideal for overwrapping groups of boxes such as a six pack of snack size raisins.

With pouching, tray packaging, case packing, cartoning and overwrapping solutions, Bartelt is sure to have a solution for your fruit and vegetable packaging needs!

Pouch Packaging Benefits

  • Light weight and cost effective packaging that offers excellent product integrity
  • Easy to store, pack, and transport
  • High quality print capability for exceptional branding opportunities
  • Optional transparent materials offer product visibility
  • Stand up pouches offer vertical display on store shelves for package visibility
  • Reclosable zipper option keeps product fresh over multiple uses
  • Easy tear notch allows package to be opened without hassle

Fruit Filling on FL2.2 HFFS Poucher