FL 2.7 / 3.2 / 4.2 Inline Rollstock Carrousel Machine for Large Format Size Pouches

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Our models FL 2.7/3.2/4.2 are designed specifically for those customers looking for bigger format sizes and higher production speeds.

The inline carrousel machine line offers equipment capable of producing large format size pouches, while providing quick and easy changeover times,.

The carrousel grippers system does not release the pouches during the filling process and can support heavy weight.

Low maintenance costs and flexibility, built in stainless steel, makes this series the perfect option to those customers who look for robust equipment for larger sizes, with the latest technology and software advances (modem for remote assistance, etc.).

Automatic Splicing System

Film reel splicing system:

  • Integrated to reel unwinder
  • Two pneumatical reel shafts
  • Rejection system for spliced pouches
  • End and low reel level sensors
  • Motorized reel elevator with remote control

Zipper splicing system:

  • Two zipper reels
  • Non-stop system
  • Rejection system for spliced zipped pouches

Easy & Fast Change Over

  • Motorized forming triangle
  • Motorized bottom and vertical sealing bars
  • Servo-motorized film feed system and cutting group
  • Carrousel transport grippers with automatic adjustment
  • HMI recipes screen

Stroke On Demand

  • Two independent main shafts driven by Servo motors
  • Automatic machine start-stop system
  • Filling system not ready – Machine automatically stop
  • Filling system ready – Machine automatically starts
  • Eliminate pouch waste

Heavy Weight Carrousel Grippers

  • Robust grippers designed for heavy and large sized pouches
  • Secure and efficient pouch holding
  • In-line pouch transport

Pouch Opening System

  • Mechanical pouch opening group combined by 3 systems.
  • Top & Bottom suction cups
  • Blowing cone or venturi amplifier
  • Mechanical pouch lineal closing grippers

Zipper Applicator

Solid Filling Systems for powders, granulates & pieces:

  • Auger filler, Volumetric cup filler lineal and rotary, designed and manufactured by FLtècnics
  • Multi-head & lineal weighers
  • Counting filling systems
  • Customized fillers for special applications

Liquid Filling Systems for liquid and pasty products:

  • Mass and magnetic flow meters: Endress+Hausser, Bopp & Reuther
  • Piston fillers with pneumatic or servomotor operation
  • Customized fillers for special applications
  • Innovative system of filling correction in real time, standard on all our flow-metering dosing system