Bartelt Packaging provides versatile solutions for a wide variety of powder pouch packaging applications. For high-speed, small pouch styles the Bartelt IM Series has been the industry leader since its creation in 1949.

Over 4000 of these machines are used worldwide today, and for good reason. The single leading-edge bag clamp design maximizes pouch opening for filling, allowing for small packaging options. With up to 100 cycles per minute, the IM is capable of quickly producing high quality pouches filled by auger fillers. Pouches can be produced in tandem, doubling speeds. Zipper pouches are available as an option for multi-use packaging. The IM can produce 3 side and four side seal sachets, stand up pouches, bottom gusset pouches, and many other pouch configurations for complex applications. For powdered products, Bartelt equipment can be outfitted with options for dust control such as barriers in the filling area, chain covers, top seal cleaners, and vacuum control at filling.

For multi-packs of powdered drink mixes, spices, supplements, and more, the Bartelt IMC (intermittent motion cartoner) and CMC (continuous motion cartoner) are ideal for a wide range of speeds, sizes, and configurations. Features on these cartoners include flexibility, precise control, and speeds up to 400 cycles per minute.

The Kayat PTF-28 wrap around case packer is ideal for case packing club store sized jugs or bottles of powdered products up to 28 cases per minute, depending on the application.

FLtècnics provides a wide range of solutions
to package powders into flat , stand up or gusseted flexible pouches to fulfill customer requirements. The MC series high speed machines have a servo-driven reel unwinder and film pulling design and are available in simplex, duplex, triplex and quadruplex depending on the volume of production required, for small to big pouch sizes.

The FLtècnics carrousel series support larger pouches that can fill up to 7 liters of product. These systems offer many features such as quick and easy changeover, high speeds, precision and high performance and more. This machine is ideal for heavier club store type of powdered applications such as protein powders or drink mixes.

Pouch Packaging Benefits for Powdered Products

  • Light weight and cost effective packaging that offers excellent product integrity
  • Easy to store, pack, and transport
  • High quality print capability for exceptional branding opportunities
  • Optional transparent materials offer product visibility
  • Stand up pouches offer vertical display on store shelves for package visibility
  • Reclosable zipper option keeps product fresh over multiple uses
  • Easy tear notch allows package to be opened without hassle

Cartoning Benefits for Powdered Products

  • Combine multiple pouches of different product such as multiple flavors of powdered drink mixes
  • Combine multiple pouches of the same product into a carton
  • High quality print and graphics on all sides of the carton provide great branding opportunities
  • Allow for product to stand up on the shelf for display
  • Provides a protective barrier around inner pouch products
  • Keeps items safe during transportation, shipping and handling
  • Ability to stack packages and make better use of space

Bartelt IMC Cartoner