Kayat PTF-28 Intermittent Motion Wrap Around Tray/Case Packer

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The Kayat PTF-28 is an intermittent motion wrap around tray/case packer for the beverage, food and non-food industries. Designed to handle a wide range of products, it packs up to 28 cases per minute, depending on the application.

Product enters the machine at random, in prearranged groups or lanes. The dual infeed conveyor gently advances the product to the Overhead Brake section. Product advances onto the lift table that holds the required formation. A corrugated case/tray blank is fed underneath the product and the entire product load and blank are lowered through the servo controlled forming section and into the servo-controlled indexing pocket chain.

Hot melt adhesive is applied as the case is indexed forward into the “case squaring” compression section. Upon exiting onto the discharge roller conveyor, the case is inspected for unglued flaps. In the event of a down-stream stoppage, the machine can be brought to end of cycle within one case length.

Kayat Case Packer / Tray Packer Standard Equipment

  • Right or left hand operator station
  • Welded tubular frame constructed from 2x4x1/4” members with no openings
  • Machine finish will be RAL 7001 gray (Powder Coated)
  • Eurodrive motors with frequency control for main drive motor
  • Radial and linear ball bearings
  • Taper-lock bushings
  • Stainless steel or zinc plated contact parts
  • Magazine for corrugate case/tray blanks
  • Filling head
  • Case/tray forming section
  • Mechanically driven lift and cycle chain
  • Nordson Pro Blue 10 series glue system
  • Electrically interlocked guard doors
  • Allen-Bradley Programmable Controller & PanelView Plus HMI
  • Allen-Bradley three color stack light display
  • UL approved panel, including appropriate labeling
  • One set of change parts
  • One complete set of machine documentation and manuals

• Ability to handle a wide variety of products and case sizes

• Heavy-duty rugged construction

• Long-wear contact parts

• Interlocked guarding

• Cluster block lubrication system

• Low pressure infeed section

• Fallen container detection

• Simple operation is provided by a full color PanelView touch screen

• Positive, non-adjusting changeover

• Operator changeover, involving both product and carton blank size, can be accomplished in 45 minutes or less with two operators

• Unglued flap detection system with pneumatic closure

• The Kayat PTF-28 wrap around case/tray former is a stand-alone machine that can be integrated into new production lines or added to existing lines

• Compact footprint

• Easy integration to other equipment

• Spare parts kit

• Servo driven lift and cycle chain indexing

• Transfer conveyor

• Adhesive phenolic tags

• Individual guard door enunciation

• Printer integration

• Top plexi-glass cover for top frame portion of the machine.

• UL Listed or CSA Listed

• Special elevation parts

• NEMA 4X control panel, junction boxes

• Siemens controls

  • Beverages
  • Canned goods
  • Bottles
  • Jugs
Kayat Intermittent Motion Wrap Around Tray Pack Sizes