Kayat Packers and Shrink Wrappers

Tray Packers from Bartelt are designed to run loose products, multipacks and non-round products. Case Packers or Wrap-Around Packers set new standards in product efficiency, quality and durability. Our brands of Case Packers are designed to run loose products, multipacks and other types of products. Shrink Packers are industry leaders for printed/registered film applications.

Kayat brands of Tray Packers are continuous motion, designed for fully automatic operation while ensuring:

  • High-speed output
  • Low operator attendance
  • High efficiency

To learn more about the Kayat packers and shrink wrapping machines from Bartelt, contact us today.

Shrink Wrappers are continuous motion packaging machinery for the beverage, food and non-food industries. Designed to handle a wide range of products. Both feature dual film rolls and lap seal technology. Printed / registered film option available. Servo controls allow for a tool-less changeover to other container sizes and formats.

The Kayat PTF-28 drop packer is an intermittent motion wrap around tray/case packing system for the beverage, food, and non-food industries. It is designed to handle a wide range of products, packing up to 28 cases per minute depending on the application.

The Kayat TP-50A Tray Packer is an up to four-lane continuous motion packaging machine for the beverage, food (in round container or multipack) and non-food industries. It is modified to handle pre-packed container groups, as well as loose containers. The TP-50A predominately runs round product/containers such as bottles or cans.