Kayat 801/802-TGS Shrink Wrappers

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The 801/802-TGS Shrink Wrappers are continuous motion packaging machines for the beverage, food and non-food industries. The 801/802-TGS can both collate and wrap multiple formats of product with shrink film. The Innopack 802-TGS Shrink Wrappers use bottom overlap seal technology providing better product presentation.

Designed to handle a wide range of products, it can pack up to 80 packs per minute, un-stacked.

It can stack and pack at 60 cases in and 30 cases out.

• Single lane pre-formed trays
• Dual lane pre-formed trays
• Bundles
• Stacked single lane
• Pre-formed trays or bundles

• The 801/802-TGS Shrink Wrap-per is a stand-alone machine

• Compact footprint saves floor space over individual stacker and shrink wrapper

• Servo controlled stacker for accurate height and placement of packs

• Easily connects to tray packers, conveyors or other machinery in the line

• Dual roll film mandrels for quick film splice

• The PLC controlled servo-driven film cut, film feed and film wrap assure perfect synchronization of machine components

• The absence of a seal bar provides a machine with very low maintenance, less down time and minimum of moving parts

• Printed and registered film handling can be selected as an option

• Compact footprint

• Stacking capability

• Dual lane capability

• Simple to use and operate

• Available in LH and RH configurations

• Accommodates two film rolls for quick film splice

• Registered film

• Discharge cooling fan

• Elevation parts

• Unstacked: Trays of cans or bottles

• Stacked: Trays of cans or bottles

• Bundles of cans or bottles

• Staggered bundles of bottles

Kayat Shrink Wrappers Size Range & Speed