4 Sided Fin Seal

4 Sided Seal Pouch Machinery for Powdered Products, Jerky, & Soup Mixes

The 4 Sided Fin Seal sachet is ideal for dried meats, jerky, powdered products like soup mixes, single serve mixes, gelatin, and pudding powders.

The 4 Sided Fin Seal can be produced in all of Bartelt and FL's pouch packaging machines. Our machines can produce these pouches in a wide range of sizes. For jerky products we can add a zipper, and a hanger hole allowing the product to act as it's own marketing while being hung on a aisle or register.

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Packaging Benefits

  1. Enhanced product protection: The 4-sided fin seal provides a secure, airtight seal that protects the contents from moisture, light, and contamination, preserving the product's freshness and quality.
  2. Improved product presentation: The 4-sided fin seal provides a sleek, modern appearance that can enhance the overall presentation and perceived value of the product.
  3. Increased brand recognition: A custom printed 4-sided fin seal can help to increase brand recognition and establish brand identity.
  4. Ease of use: The 4-sided fin seal is easy to open and close, making it convenient for consumers of all ages and abilities.
  5. Cost savings: The 4-sided fin seal helps to reduce the risk of waste, potentially leading to cost savings for the manufacturer and end-user.

Overall, the 4-sided fin seal offers a number of benefits that can improve product quality, customer experience, and brand recognition.


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