FL 3.2 / 3.8 Quadruplex HFFS Rollstock Machine Produces Four 3-4 Sided Sachets at One Time

The quadruplex machinery series with flexible, robust and reliable mechanical design offers high-speed production and efficiency.

Fast format changeover, automatic film splicing for non-stop production, easy operation, low maintenance, high filling accuracy are some of the main features of our quadruplex machinery line.

Thanks to its flexibility, these machines can cover a wide range of formats sizes, offering single and twin 3-4 sealed flat sachets and more.

Low cost maintenance and high production with proven efficiency, make this series the best option for small formats sachets sizes and high volume production, machines are built in stainless steel under the latest technology in compliance with the most demanding international regulations.

Independent Vertical Sealing Groups with Film Compensator Rollers

  • Motorized vertical sealing bars
  • Film compensator rollers, with automatic control centers sachet printing with respect to the sealing and sachet cutting

Film Feed Pulling System

  • Servo motorized film feed unit
  • Pneumatic control of film tension
  • Automatic film height adjustment with machine in operation
  • Automatic self-adjustment
  • Highly accurate system with auto-correction every cycle

Automatic Film Slicing System:

Film reel splicing system:

  • Film reel splicing system:
  • Integrated to reel unwinder
  • Two pneumatical reel shafts
  • Rejection system for spliced pouches
  • End and low reel level sensors
  • Motorised reel elevator with remote control

Easy and Fast Changeover:

  • Motorized forming triangle
  • Motorized bottom and vertical sealing bars
  • Servo-motorized film feed system and cutting group
  • HMI recipes screen

Machine Frame in Stainless Steel AISI 304

  • Sanitary design, frontal plate without housings and without exterior orifices, in compliance with pharma & food requirements
  • Robust and stable, with vibration free while running
  • Frontal plate 20 mm thick

Solid Filling Systems for powders, granulates & pieces:

  • Auger filler, Volumetric cup filler lineal and rotary, designed and manufactured by FLtècnics
  • Multi-head & lineal weighers
  • Counting filling systems
  • Customized fillers for special applications

Liquid Filling Systems for liquid and pasty products:

  • Mass and magnetic flow meters: Endress+Hausser, Bopp & Reuther
  • Piston fillers with pneumatic or servomotor operation
  • Customized fillers for special applications
  • Innovative system of filling correction in real time, standard on all our flow-metering dosing system