Cereals, Grains, and Flour

Bartelt Packaging provides best-in-class pouching and cartoning solutions that are perfect for packaging cereal, grains, flour and other powdered or small textured foods. Bartelt works with a wide range of product applications, including products like flour that generate excessive dust. Our machinery has dust control systems to keep product from getting where it shouldn’t be, such as in other sections of the machine or in the top seal of the pouch.

To package cereal, grains, flour and similar products, the IM Poucher with one or more auger fillers is the ideal choice for 3 or 4 side seal pouches, including tandem pouches. Stand up pouches are also possible. If particulates are to be added, a volumetric cup filler can be used to add bits of dried fruit, mini marshmallows, etc. Pouches can be filled in simplex or duplex mode.

The K-Series horizontal form fill seal pouching machines feature precision in each application that is also ideal for this industry. Maximum flexibility is achieved with pre-programmed recipe settings, allowing repeatable and reliable product and size changeover. Used for items with heavier weight pouches, the servo driven K-Series is reliable and efficient.

The RPM, with its rotary turret, is ideal for foods with heavier fill weights and larger pouch sizes. This intermittent motion machine is flexible for a wide range of pouch styles and sizes.

Pouching machines from Bartelt allow products of varying sizes and weights to be packaged quickly and safely. These high-performance pouchers are reliable, ensuring a quality seal in each application to keep your product fresh.

The Bartelt IMC Cartoner is an intermittent motion cartoning solution ideal for food and many other products. It stands out for its operational flexibility in running a full size-range of products – for bags, pouches, trays, flow-wraps, or a variety of loose or stacked products. Because it has an open-frame design, access for cleaning is easy, and this is coupled with excellent product visibility. Servo technology means that changing over from one product to another can be performed quickly and easily. When paired with the IM poucher, the IMC cartoner can stack and carton multipacks of items like oatmeal. With speeds up to 60 cycles per minute, the IMC cartoner can handle your cereals, grains or other powdered foods with ease.

The Bartelt CMC Cartoner is a continuous motion cartoning solution ideal for the cartoning of bags of rice, cereal, flour and other baking mixes. The Bartelt CMC cartoner is a fast, flexible and reliable machine that has all the advantages of full servo control. This high-speed cartoner operates at speeds up to 400 cycles per minute.

Pouch Packaging Benefits:

    • Enhanced Protection: Offers lightweight and cost-effective packaging while maintaining excellent product integrity.
    • Easy Handling: Convenient for storage, packing, and transport due to its flexible nature.
    • High-Quality Branding: Enables exceptional print capability for outstanding branding opportunities, ensuring product visibility and appeal.
    • Product Visibility: Optional transparent materials offer clear visibility of the product contents to customers.
    • Shelf Presence: Stand-up pouches provide vertical display on store shelves, maximizing package visibility.
    • Freshness Maintenance: Reclosable zipper option keeps products fresh over multiple uses, enhancing consumer convenience.
    • User-Friendly: Easy tear notch allows for hassle-free opening, improving the overall user experience.

Carton Packaging Benefits:

  • Enhanced Protection: Sturdy barrier against moisture, light, and air, preserving product freshness.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Superior protection maintains product quality, reducing waste.
  • Customizable Design: Branding, nutritional info, and product descriptions enhance shelf appeal.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from recyclable materials, aligning with sustainability goals.
  • Convenience: Easy handling, stacking, and storage for both manufacturers and consumers.
  • Bulk Packaging: Accommodates large quantities, ideal for businesses and consumers.
  • Recyclability: Widely accepted in recycling programs, reducing environmental impact.

Bartelt CMC Cartoner