Gusset Bottom

Gusset Bottom Pouch Machines For High Volume, Single Serve Products Including Rice & Flour

The Gusset Bottom pouch is ideal for higher volume, lower margin products like single-serve seasoned rice mixes, grains, and flours. The pouch can stand on the shelf without as much tooling cost or changeover time as a DOY or Delta style stand up pouch. The Gusset Bottom pouch can be produced by all of Bartelt's pouch packaging machines.

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Packaging Benefits

  1. Improved product stability: The gusset bottom provides added stability, preventing the pouch from tipping over and spilling its contents.
  2. Increased capacity: The gusset bottom allows the pouch to expand, providing more space for larger or bulkier contents.
  3. Enhanced product presentation: The gusset bottom provides a clean, professional appearance that can enhance the overall presentation and perceived value of the product.
  4. Cost savings: The gusset bottom reduces the need for additional packaging materials, potentially leading to cost savings for the manufacturer and end-user.
  5. Increased sustainability: The gusset bottom often requires less material than traditional packaging options, making it a more environmentally-friendly option.

Overall, the gusset bottom offers a range of benefits that can improve product quality, customer experience, and brand recognition, while also potentially reducing costs and increasing sustainability.


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