Scandia HLG

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The Scandia HLG is a mechanically driven cartoner. Simplicity of operation and its manual product loading feature makes it a reliable choice for many companies. The modular design allows the HLG to be built with extended load stations to accommodate up to five operators or product feeders for increased productivity. Depending on the application, the cartoner can run continuous or intermittent motion

Depending on product and number of loading operators this cartoner achieves speeds up to 100 cartons per minute.

• Heavy duty welded steel frame

• Clutch protected drive system

• Ability to handle multiple carton constructions

• Choice of closure mechanism: tuck or glue

• #40 chain in self-lubricating UHMW high-density plastic tracks

• Digital readouts for fast and accurate size changeovers

• Electronically interlocked guards for operator safety

• Four primary stations: hopper, setup, load and closure

• Cartons are loaded into an angled hopper behind the spring-loaded bars which assure proper feeding

• Each carton is picked from the hopper by vacuum cups

• A proprietary cam activated opening mechanism breaks the flat folded carton 160˚ so that it is presented square to the loading station

• Movement through the machine is made quiet by means of a #40 chain mounted in self-lubricating, high density UHMW plastic tracks

• Pushers move the carton precisely along its path and ensure square closures

• As the open carton passes to the hand load station, the operator inserts the product down a 30˚ inclined load table

• Once loaded the carton passes to the closure station where the ends are folded and tucked and/or glue sealed and finally

• Ergonomic 30˚ incline gravity feed table minimizes operator fatigue

• 160˚ pre-break easily handles a wide variety of carton types and board structures

• Easy manual adjustment for height and depth changes

• Digital readouts for precise setups

• Tuck or glue closure method

• Modular components permit upgrade to up to 5 manual loading stations

• High capacity carton hopper

• Deboss coder

• Tuck or hot melt closure

• Label printing and application

• Leaflet inserter

• Extended load stations

• Extended depth ranges

• Flap printer

• Product bins

• Product conveyors

• Any hand loadable items

• Multi-component items

• Multi-compartment cartons

• Pharmaceutical pill bottles and blisters

• Automotive parts

• Prepackaged food items

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