Technology: Stroke on Demand

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The new stroke on demand feature, which automatically stops the machine should product not be available. Once sufficient product has entered the filler, the controller starts the machine up again without missing a beat or having to index two or three empty pouches to catch up.

When the machine is stopped waiting for the weigher to be “ready” again, the expanding funnel rests into the pouch to fill. With the Stroke on Demand system, the sealers stay open while the machine’s stopped to prevent the pouch coming in contact with the sealers to prevent burns or deformity.

Waste is reduced by 98%

When working with Stroke on Demand system, no empty pouch is wasted while the weigher is not ready since the pouch stays in its filling position.

Other company’s machines waste 3 empty pouches and the machine is stopped by an alarm when the weigher is not ready.