Scandia Model 460

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The Scandia Model 460 is an intermittent motion automatic cartoning machine that is designed to accommodate your various production needs.

The 4’ x 6’compact footprint permits integration into the smallest packaging lines.

The modular design of machine infeeds allow interfacing with our overwrapping, case packing machines and other equipment.

Depending on configuration this model achieves speeds up to 60 cycles per minute.

• Heavy duty welded steel frame

• Open frame design

• Multiple lug carton transport chain

• Rapid adjustment package

• Digital readouts

• Vacuum pull-down or rotary carton feed

• No-product / no-carton feature

• Tuck or glue carton closure

• Electronically interlocked guards for operator safety

• Allen-Bradley Compact Logix PLC

  • A bucketed conveyor delivers the product to the load station
  • Upon detection of incoming product a carton is pulled from the carton magazine
  • Cartons are opened and placed into their carrier chain
  • Product is inserted into the carton once the sensors detect carton and product in the load area
  • The filled cartons move into the closure area where the flaps are folded or glued
  • Finished cartons are discharged from the machine ready for the next packaging operation
  • Compact footprint
  • Rapid adjustment
  • Digital readouts or fast and accurate size changeovers
  • Open frame design for easy maintenance access
  • Tuck or glue closure
  • Powered pivoting top rail for easy carton access
  • Product-carton verification
  • High capacity carton hoppers
  • Deboss coder
  • Code dating, code scanning
  • Label printing and applications
  • Extended depth ranges
  • Extended load stations
  • Custom in-feed and product insertion solutions
  • Rejection station
  • Dual index, dual load