Tobacco and Cigarillos

The Bartelt IM Series has led the tobacco pouch packaging market with its ability to load tube-like products such as cigars and cigarillos into a tall, thin pouch or horizontally into a wide pouch. With single leading pouch clamp design, product can be loaded in tight configuration and in many formats, reducing the shelf space, film waste, and creating a high quality package. The IM can also package roll-your-own tobacco, opting for larger, resealable zippered pouches or fold-over envelope style packaging.

The Bartelt IMC Cartoner (Intermittent Motion) is used across the world to create retail-ready display cartons for tobacco products such as cigarillos. The IMC can run many different carton shapes and configurations with excellent control. The Bartelt® IMC is an efficient and highly flexible machine – backed by reliability and low-maintenance to keep operations running with a minimum of downtime. For instance, its servo technology means fewer mechanical parts, with half the number of components found in chain shaft systems.

The Scandia 700 Series overwrapper is designed for wrapping high volumes of small cartons such as cigarette packs. The vertical continuous film feed with rotary cut-off ensures positive film positioning for superior overwrap quality. Depending on package size or configuration this model achieves speeds up to 350 cycles per minute. This high speed tobacco overwrapping machine can also be customized for large packaging size ranges.

Pouch Packaging Benefits for Tobacco Products

  • Light weight and cost effective packaging that offers excellent product integrity
  • Ability to pack cigar shaped products in tight configuration
  • Easy to store, pack, and transport
  • High quality print capability for exceptional branding opportunities
  • Optional transparent materials offer product visibility
  • Reclosable zipper or fold over options keeps product fresh over multiple uses
  • Easy tear notch allows package to be opened without hassle

Carton Packaging and Overwrapping Benefits for Tobacco Products

  • Combine multiple pouches of different product such as multiple flavors of wrapping paper
  • Combine multiple pouches of the same product into a stand up display carton
  • High quality print and graphics on all sides of the carton provide great branding opportunities
  • Allow for product to stand up on the shelf for display
  • Provides a protective barrier around inner pouch products
  • Keeps items safe during transportation, shipping and handling
  • Ability to stack packages and make better use of space