Fifth Panel Carton

Unleash Your Brand's Potential on Store Shelves

The Fifth Panel Carton are the savvy choice for those seeking both functional packaging and effective marketing. These cartons can be hung or pegged, allowing customers to effortlessly spot your product while walking down the aisle or checking out at the register. The added space on Fifth Panel Cartons enables companies to include eye-catching graphics and vital product information without compromising on quality.

Why Choose Fifth Panel Carton:

  • Dual Functionality: These cartons serve as both packaging and a marketing tool, ensuring your product stands out from the competition.
  • Eye-Catching Design: With more space for graphics and information, your product captures the buyer's attention instantly.
  • Precision Performance: Fifth Panel Cartons are crafted with high-speed precision, delivering perfection in every application.

Consumer Benefits:

  • Convenient Visibility: Shoppers can easily see your product, making it more likely to catch their eye and pique their interest.
  • Enhanced Information: The additional space allows for comprehensive product details, helping consumers make informed choices.
  • Versatile Applications: Fifth Panel Cartons suit a broad range of products, including pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and more.


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