Scandia Model 465

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The Scandia Model 465 is a continuous motion, small-center, progressive load cartoner. The Model 465 is a heavy duty, versatile machine designed to handle end-load cartons of all styles, including glue, tuck, lock, gable, and partition cartons. Features include rotary carton feed, phased product bucket conveyor and carton carrier chain for ease of size changeover.

This model can achieve speeds up to 200 cartons per minute.

  • Rotary Feeder for positive carton opening
  • Digital readout and single crank adjustments for fast, accurate, and repeatable setups
  • Tuck or glue carton closure capability
  • Line shaft drive for quiet operation and reduced maintenance
  • Heavy duty welded steel frame
  • Quiet #40 chain in self-lubricating UHMW high-density plastic to minimize stretch
  • Allows tie-in to Scandia and other manufacturers’ machines
  • Can accommodate a range of product transfer conveyors
  • Speeds up to 250 cartons per minute
  • No product – No carton/No carton – No product controls
  • Non-contact printers
  • Deboss coder
  • Labelers
  • Open flap detection
  • Line integration
  • Rejection station
  • Coupon/leaflet feeders
  • Tuck or glue closures