Service Questions

Machinery Service FAQ

Meet your Bartelt Service Team:

Service Manager
Ron Goltsch
Phone: 1-888-487-0380


Service Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule service?

Call 1-888-487-0380 and talk to our Service Manager to schedule your service.

Email service requests to Ron Goltsch at:

What types of service do you offer?

  • Machine Startup and Training when a new machine is purchased
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Emergency/Machine Service
  • Training programs tailored to your Bartelt, Scandia, Kayat, or FLTecnics equipment

Can you train my Employees?

Our Field Service Technicians can provide the following training at your site for your employees:

  • Maintenance Training
  • Operator Training

Call 1-888-487-0380 and talk to our service manager.

If after hours, follow the phone prompts.

Do you offer regular service agreement visits?

Yes, we offer a program to make regularly scheduled visits to your plant

Discounts are available for these programs and allow for monthly payments.