FLtècnics Pre-Made Pouchers

Pre-made pouch machines are designed for high speeds and are versatile to accommodate liquids, powders, and granules. FLtecnics specialize in horizontal form fill pouch systems. These machines are available in rotary and walking-beam styles. Flexible and efficient, the horizontal form fill seal technology has a small footprint and innovative design and features on-screen recipes and easy format changes.

The pre-made pouch machine styles include:

  • Valves
  • Zipper
  • Special Shapes
  • Special Applications

Browse through the following videos to see the pre-made pouch machines in action. Contact Bartelt to learn more about these systems.

Piston pump (manga pastelera), Automatic pouch infeed system, diving nozzles.

Customized pre made duplex pouch loader dosing tuna into pouches and cans using Leonhardt Volumetric Depositor SD2.

Flow meter (2 litter- Detergent), Corner Valve, Infeed belt

Pet Food (Retort), Volumetric filler, flowmeter, Pouch Magazine

Duplex infeed belt (70 pouches/minute), Synchro MHW

Complete line full servo machine for pre-made pouches. Pet food

Auger filler (4), powder, Pouch infeed belt