Bartelt CMC - Continuous Motion Cartoner

The Bartelt® CMC cartoner is a fast, flexible and reliable machine that has all the advantages of full servo control. With operating rates of up to 400 cycles per minute, this solution takes its place in the high-performance class of horizontal, continuous motion cartoning machines. It can run a full size range of food and consumer goods – including bags, pouches, trays, flow-wraps, or a variety of loose or stacked products. A multi-head carton feeder and a servo-driven barrel cam product inserter allows for fast cartoning with a high degree of control.

Due to the machine’s open-frame clean design, product visibility is evident, and this design also makes sanitation very simple to perform. It can be effortlessly integrated upstream or downstream into an automated packaging system with machines from other manufacturers; and of course into solutions such as a Bartelt® Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal Pouching machine to create a turnkey production line from a single source. The CMC cartoner is available in three standard index models: 6”, 9” and 12”.

Carton size can be easily adjusted, providing a high degree of flexibility, and this high-speed cartoner is able to run many different carton shapes. Changing from flap gluing to flap tucking can be performed quickly and easily.

There are fewer mechanical parts in the Bartelt® CMC cartoner, which means low-maintenance and minimized downtime, so customers can expect higher availability and reduced production costs (it has 50 percent fewer components than in chain shaft systems). In terms of comfort and production floor safety, the Bartelt® CMC cartoning solution also has a particularly ergonomic design and is easy to operate.

The Bartelt CMC is ideal for:

• Baked goods

• Confectionery

• Frozen foods

• Pharmaceuticals

• Consumer goods

• Tobacco goods