Fully Automatic & Manual Cartoning Equipment

To accommodate a wide range of production requirements, Bartelt offers fully automatic and manual loading machinery for customers in various industries, including baked goods, confectionery, frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods. Watch these videos featuring cartoners to see these machines up close and in action. The cartoners are versatile, precise, and effective to create maximum efficiency in the production line.

The Bartelt and Scandia cartoners are ideal for:

  • Tobacco products
  • Cosmetics
  • Playing Cards

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The Bartelt® CMC cartoner is a fast, flexible and reliable machine that has all the advantages of full servo control. With operating rates of up to 400 cycles per minute, this solution takes its place in the high-performance class of horizontal, continuous motion cartoning machines. It can run a full size range of food and consumer goods – including bags, pouches, trays, flow-wraps, or a variety of loose or stacked products. A multi-head carton feeder and a servo-driven barrel cam product inserter allows for fast cartoning with a high degree of control.

This servo driven horizontal, intermittent motion cartoning solution is ideal for cartoning food and consumer goods, as well as pharmaceuticals, tobacco and many other products. Design specifications include a multi-head rotary carton feeder, servo-driven product inserter and servo rotary flap tuckers, providing excellent control at rates up to 60 cycles per minute. It stands out for its operational flexibility in running a full size-range of products – for bags, pouches, trays, flow-wraps, or a variety of loose or stacked products. Because it has an open-frame design, access for cleaning is easy, and this is coupled with excellent product visibility. Servo technology means that changing over from one product to another can be performed quickly and easily to adjust to carton size and to change from flap gluing to flap tucking. This machine is capable to run many different carton shapes.

Watch Bartelt integrate two of our machines. The IM Poucher and the IMC Cartoner. Want to know more click here!