Bartelt MAG Series FFS

The MAG Series FFS is a state-of-the-art horizontal form-fill-seal pouching machine that integrates the latest magnetic linear technology. It stands out for its flexibility, reliability and very fast changeover times.

Maximum flexibility is provided by independently controlled double pouch clamps utilizing magnetic linear motion control.

This model is designed for both simplex and duplex configurations.

Maximum speed is 150 ppm in duplex mode.

The MAG Series FFS Pouch Packaging Machine is ideal for:

- Snack products: Nuts, trail mixes candies

- Cheese and other dairy products

- Frozen foods

- Dried meats and fruits, beef jerky, sausages

- Dry and wet pet food

- Liquids

- Granular products: Rice, beans, soup and meal mixes

- Free flowing powders: Coffee, spices, powdered drink mixes, sugar-based mixes, flour-based mixes, pharma powders, nutraceuticals

- Home and personal care products: Lotions, gels, detergent pods, adhesives, wet wipes and towelettes