Pouch Packaging

From creating the world's first horizontal form fill seal pouching machine to the most versatile pouchers today, Bartelt continues to lead the charge in innovation. Bartelt offers a wide range of pouching machines to provide solutions for the simplest to the most advanced applications in the market. These pouchers integrate innovative technology to create a flexible, reliable and precise wrap in each application.

Watch the horizontal form fill seal pouching machines in action, including:

  • Bartelt MAG Series FS-B
  • Bartelt MAG Series FFS-B

These videos give you a close up look at how efficient and efficient pouching machinery is.

The Bartelt® MAG Series FS is a state-of-the-art horizontal fill-seal (FS) machine that integrates the latest magnetic linear technology. The MAG Series is synonymous with flexibility, reliability and rapid changeover times.

The MAG Series FFS is a state-of-the-art horizontal form-fill-seal pouching machine that integrates the latest magnetic linear technology. It stands out for its flexibility, reliability and very fast changeover times. Maximum flexibility is provided by independently controlled double pouch clamps utilizing magnetic linear motion control.

The Bartelt® IM is a mechanically driven, intermittent motion pouching machine. From the world’s first HFFS machine built in 1949, the Bartelt IM has been a reliable choice. The pre-programmed recipe settings provide repeatable and reliable product changeover.