Inside Bartelt: Insights from Inside Sales Manager Johnny Meireles

Dive into our Employee Spotlight series as we sit down with Johnny Meireles, our Inside Sales Manager, to explore what it takes to excel in OEM sales. Johnny shares his expertise on understanding customer needs, building relationships beyond transactions, and delivering solutions that empower businesses. Discover the keys to success in OEM sales through Johnny's enlightening interview.

To be a great OEM, you must first not only meet the customer but also dive into what they do. It's more than just supplying them with equipment; it's about finding out what they specifically need at their facility. Getting to know the people beyond the person asking you is crucial. You must find out from their purchasing, vendors, facilities, and customer reviews to understand the total holistic view of their business. This comprehensive understanding allows us to help them effectively, ensuring that what we provide promotes their business as well. We are Bartelt.