Welcome to Bartelt Packaging: Innovators in Packaging Machinery

Discover Bartelt Packaging, a foremost provider of streamlined packaging solutions with over 80 years of innovation. Specializing in pouching, cartoning, shrink wrapping, overwrapping, and case/tray packing, our brands—Bartelt, Kayat, and Scandia—deliver reliable, high-efficiency solutions tailored to diverse industries. Pioneering horizontal/form/fill technology, we set industry standards. As the North American master distributor of FLtècnics and Cetec Industrie, our pouching capabilities extend to large format baggers. At Bartelt Packaging, we're known for unwavering reliability. Our commitment to lasting quality is backed by dedicated Parts, Conversions, and Service Departments. Part of the ProMach family, we provide end-to-end solutions, setting global standards in packaging excellence.

Explore Bartelt Packaging in this exclusive inside look! From our identity to unique workplace culture, join us as we show you what makes us more than just a workplace—it's a family where innovation meets integrity.