Kayat TP-50 Tray Packer: Unmatched Efficiency at 50 Trays/Minute!

Experience the Kayat TP-50 Tray Packer in a 40-second clip, showcasing its prowess in the beverage, food, and non-food industries. Packing up to 50 trays/minute, this single-lane continuous motion machine handles various products and tray sizes. Specially modified for pre-packed container groups or loose containers, its heavy-duty construction ensures gentle handling.

From vacuum-fed flat trays to automatic folding flaps, achieve high-speed output, low operator attendance, and peak efficiency. Discover the TP-50's versatility, handling rigid cans at 60 trays/minute, PET at 50 trays/minute, and glass at 26 trays/minute. Elevate your packaging with Kayat's TP-50 Tray Packer!