Sustainable Packaging

Knowing that consumers are more environmentally concerned than past decades, Bartelt has been at the forefront of testing and running recycle ready film on our high performance pouchers. Recyclable films often have matte finishes, clear windows to provide product visibility and lower sealing temperatures. This is all taken into consideration to provide sachets and stand-up pouches with high seal integrity and high performing resealable zippers.

The Bartelt® K-Series is a servo driven horizontal form, fill and seal pouching machine. This model provides high precision, maximum flexibility, convenience, while the pre-programmed recipe settings provide repeatable and reliable product and size changeover. The K-series machines can achieve speeds up to 100 cycles per minute.

Explore the future of packaging with the Bartelt MAG Series Horizontal Fill and Seal Machine. With speeds up to 100 pouches per minute and advanced magnetic linear technology, it's a versatile powerhouse transforming the packaging industry.