Cosmetics & Personal Care

Cosmetics & Personal Care Machinery

Bartelt Packaging provides best-in-class pouch equipment solutions that are perfect for packaging cosmetics & personal care, as well as shrink wrapping boxed perfumes.

FLtècnics has a series of machines with outstanding production performance for packaging small to medium sized pouches for the cosmetic and personal care industry. FLtècnics offers manufactured pouches with a top spout or a corner spout by using the same spout applicator so, with just one machine, all kinds of pouch presentations

can be done: flat pouch, stand up, shaped and with zipper. These pouches are ideal for creams, conditioners, soaps, etc.

The Scandia Model 350 Overwrapper Bundler produces a “cosmetic-style” of overwrap, ensuring the protection of both the item and the packaging box.

The IM Series are horizontal form, fill seal machines that can form fill and seal pouches in a single or tandem formats. These pouches are perfect for cosmetic samples,

shampoo and conditioner samples, and more!

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Pouch Packaging Benefits

  • Light weight and cost effective packaging that offers excellent product integrity
  • Easy to store, pack, and transport
  • High quality print capability for exceptional branding opportunities
  • Optional transparent materials offer product visibility
  • Stand up pouches offer vertical display on store shelves for package visibility
  • Easy tear notch allows package to be opened without hassle

Spout Pouch Packaging Benefits

  • Light weight and cost effective
  • Easy to store, pack, and transport
  • Sustainable
  • Waste reduction
  • Easy to open

Carton Overwrap Packaging Benefits

  • Improve visual appeal
  • Prevents carton from damage
  • Protects against tampering

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